SSAT’s most popular blogs of March 2016


A roundup of our most popular blogs of March 2016

How to compare texts

The problem, to some extent, I think, lies with the teachers themselves. With our degrees and our overly-analytical minds, we tend to see comparison as a natural consequence of looking at two or more texts… Read more.

Pupil Premium – stop looking up, start looking out

Schools have massive automony on the Pupil Premium agenda. You get the money and are held to account for the impact of that money but what you do in between is totally up to you. Nobody is going to tell you what to do… Read more.

Evaluating teaching, not teachers

Once we have interrogated the data and our initial hypotheses, we discuss as a department team, and as a team of middle leaders, what our priorities are as a whole school, as well as highlighting any in- school variation… Read more.

Comparing texts – next steps – GCSE English language

All teachers worth their Maldon sea salt, advertise the fact that it’s a good idea to plan your comparisons in advance of a lit exam but I’m not sure they always show explicitly how to do this… Read more.

3 key areas of focus for improving school food provision

This checklist is designed to be printed out and pinned up in your office, in the office of your business manager and in the school kitchen… Read more.

Feedback to inform marking at Kingsford Community School

While marking and feedback in general has been on the school’s radar for some time, the specific focus on student responses to feedback was initiated by a combination of feedback from students and the school’s latest Ofsted report… Read more.

SSAT’s response to the the Budget 2016

Even as schools move away from local authority control, this does not mean that schools cannot be at the heart of their communities. The best academies retain strong links to community and faith groups, local businesses and local schools… Read more.

Free teacher training resource launched by the School Food Plan

Over 40 expert organisations have come together, to produce a free training resource to help all school staff understand the importance of a good school food culture and to support them to deliver improvements in pupil health and wellbeing… Read more.

Comparing literature texts in an exam

But don’t some poems naturally ‘go better’ with others though, I hear you say? To some extent yes. Yet going down the route of linking texts in an obvious way can often lead to predictable, formulaic responses that are less likely to attract higher band marks… Read more.

Students, leaders and entrepreneurs

The students have developed numerous businesses, some of which have been successful and others not. Indeed, some businesses have continued to run after the course has finished… Read more.

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