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SSAT: COVID-19 and school closures

In these challenging times, SSAT would have liked to have seen more decisive action from the government. We understand the reasons why the government wants to keep schools open, and so do school leaders. However, our members tell us that they are struggling with staff absence, and the announcements on Monday mean that these struggles are likely to rise. We are concerned at the pressure this is putting on school leaders and school staff. Entire school communities are worried about meeting the needs of their most vulnerable young people; we also know that students are anxious about the situation and the unknown.

We believe that there needs to be a decision now about the closure of schools and summer examinations. Once everyone has clarity, they can focus on making the best of the situation for their students, staff and parents. We are grateful for the fantastic job that school leaders and school staff do, and we are available to give schools the support that they need.

Sue Williamson, Chief Executive, SSAT

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