WATCH: SSAT Special Schools and SEND network webinar – Planning for the return to school with Graham Quinn

In this webinar, Graham Quinn, CEO, The New Bridge Academy Trust and chair of the SSAT SEN headteachers’ steering group shares the experiences and challenges faced by his schools over the last few weeks, and looks to the future as schools across the country prepare to reopen.

Discussing the latest guidance issued around the reopening of special schools, he provides insights into the behind-the-scenes planning for reopening by schools in the New Bridge Academy MAT, and shares his ideas, strategies and resources.

Graham also answers questions from members of the SSAT Special Schools and SEND network.

Recorded on Friday 15 May 2020.

Graham has kindly shared draft versions of the documents he referred to during the webinar; if you have any feedback on them, please do get in touch with him.

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