The Department for Education’s National Professional Qualification for Middle Leadership

SSAT is an approved provider of the Department for Education (DfE) National Professional Qualification for Middle Leadership (NPQML). We work with schools to deliver DfE NPQML training to middle leaders and aspiring middle leaders across the country. To find a DfE NPQML course in your area, view the map below.

Funded DfE NPQML places – an update

There has been high demand from teachers and school leaders to access NPQ scholarships. As a result, access to Department for Education (DfE) scholarships for new applicants of NPQs was suspended with effect from 24 July 2020. This scholarship suspension relates to the current suite of NPQs and will remain in place until 31 August 2022.

Participants will receive funding for the full course fee if you meet certain eligibility criteria and either:

  • you started your NPQ course on or before 23 July 2020 or
  • your provider confirmed on or before 23 July 2020 that it had reserved a place for you on an NPQ course and you start that course by 31 March 2021

Eligibility for funding required a teacher or school leader working at a school which is located in opportunity areas or areas defined in Achieving excellence areas as categories 5 and 6, or employed at a school which is subject to the oversight of a multi-academy trust or diocese which also includes other schools in those areas. In addition, you must continue to be employed at an eligible school and finally, you must not have previously been funded to undertake an NPQ course of the same level.

Access to funding remains conditional on successful verification of participants’ registration information against the database of qualified teachers (DQT), so you must ensure that the information supplied to your NPQ provider matches your DQT record. You can check and update your DQT record via the Teaching Regulation Agency.

Find an SSAT delivery partner school near you on the map below, and contact them on the email address provided to sign up to your DfE NPQML place

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Find out more about the NPQML, including module descriptions, assessment and guided learning hours