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The SSAT Primary Network brings schools and academies together from across the country. The network supports school leaders and teachers committed to achieving social justice for their primary pupils by providing opportunities to share knowledge, explore best practise and collaborate. Our membership offer provides practical tools and resources, centred on education policy and research, to enable primary school leaders and teachers to reflect on current school priorities and support future development.

Brand new exclusive benefit for 2022

SSAT Leadership Legacy Project – One FREE place for primary members
Nominate a teacher in their first 2-5 years of teaching in a primary setting, to participate in the Leadership Legacy Project, supporting their leadership development over the course of a year.

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Your benefits at a glance:

  • Visit SSAT’s member-only online library of evidence informed publications, tools and resources
  • Participate in termly webinars facilitated by SSAT member schools and guest speakers
  • Use your school’s SSAT Annual Primary Conference pass to get inspiration and learn from other schools and experts
  • Unlock the leadership potential of a teacher as part of SSAT’s year-long Leadership Legacy Project
  • Receive a fortnightly Primary Update direct to your mailbox, for all your school staff
  • Recognise your pupils’ leadership development with SSAT’s Pupil Leadership Accreditation
  • Collaborate with other schools in the network and share your school successes nationally
  • Access discounted rates on all additional SSAT CPD opportunities
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What SSAT Membership gives you…

Drive forward whole-school improvement using member-exclusive resources

  • Engage with the SSAT Framework for Exceptional Education, the school improvement tool to review and evaluate practice, identifying strengths and areas for improvement
  • Use SSAT’s Four Pillars of Curriculum Design to enable middle and senior leaders to respond to key questions about curriculum intent, content, delivery and experience
  • Highlight your commitment to positive, meaningful engagement with parents and pupils using our Parent Partnership Audit and Pupil Leadership Audit tools
  • Get access to tools and guidance such as SSAT’s Educational Outcomes database and benchmark your school’s performance against other schools nationally while identifying gaps for improvement

Take advantage of unique opportunities to develop staff at different stages in their career, strengthening your retention strategy and succession planning

  • NEW: Nominate a teacher in their first 2-5 years of teaching in a primary setting, to participate in SSAT’s Leadership Legacy Project, supporting their leadership development over the course of a year, while shaping their vision and principles.
  • Enhance the range of development opportunities for leaders and teachers by involving them in member-exclusive webinars led by member schools, SSAT Education Leads and partner organisations
  • Encourage senior colleagues to attend the SSAT Annual Primary Conference to network and learn from other schools and experts in the network
  • Get exclusive access to discounted rates on all additional SSAT CPD opportunities to support school improvement

Keep up to date with and make sense of changes to policy and practice; explore solutions that can work in your context

  • Ensure all staff receive and engage with the fortnightly Primary Update e-newsletter and termly SSAT Journal, both full of thought-provoking blogs and articles, valuable insights and practical tips to navigate in an ever-changing educational landscape
  • Visit SSAT’s member-only online library of evidence informed publications and practical resources, available to all colleagues to help you find the inspiration needed to innovate
  • Join termly webinars facilitated by SSAT experts and guest speakers, with updates and guidance on topical educational news, policy and practice while exploring school improvement solutions suited to your context

Formally recognise students and teachers for the contributions they make to your school community

  • Give your pupils the formal recognition they deserve with SSAT’s Pupil Leadership Accreditation scheme, offering a way to give structure and recognition to your learners’ leadership activities both in and outside of school
  • Collaborate with other schools in the network and share your school successes nationally by contributing to SSAT events and activities and have your achievements recognised through the SSAT network

Contribute to discussions on national issues that affect our schools, pupils and teachers

  • Participate in research to contribute to SSAT Primary projects and publications focusing on key issues
  • Stay connected to the issues that matter as we continue to work with influential organisations, charities and individuals such as Rt Hon David Lammy MP, patron of SSAT’s Deep Social Justice campaign

What Schools Say About the Primary Network

“SSAT’s Deep Social Justice campaign demonstrated a societal understanding and laid bare a myriad of social injustices for young people, long before the pandemic hit. It was and still is, crucial, in making visible the inequalities and barriers to life that too many children still face. The courage to lead on this and lobby for improvements in equality and equity is typical of SSAT’s commitment to ‘levelling-up’ for all.”

Katrina Morley, CEO, Tees Valley Education

“The Primary Update is excellent at keeping us informed of any important changes that Ofsted and the DfE release. The format is easy to skim through and pick up on the key points that we can then share with our leadership team.”

Lucy Blackmore, Headteacher, Ryders Green Primary School

“There have to be some silver linings from recent challenging times in education and one of these is access to a wide range of passionate educational professionals willing to give their time to share excellent practice beyond their own settings. The regular SSAT webinars cover the topics high on the agendas of those leading and working in schools and provide easily accessible opportunities to connect with like-minded others, learn new things and enhance developments back in our own schools.”

Paula Ayto, Headteacher, Reid Street

“As a member of SSAT, my trust and the schools within it, have been able to make strong links with school nationally as well as share our own practice with others in a variety of ways. This has not only benefited our staff but our pupils as well.”

Danielle Lewis-Egonu, Executive Headteacher, The Galaxy Trust

Keeping children in the classroom

In this article from SSAT’s Journal, Danielle Lewis-Egonu of Temple Hill Primary Academy develops a provision to support the most challenging pupils who face complex social, emotional and behavioural needs.

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