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SSAT’s Special Schools and SEND Network brings together special schools from across the country, creating opportunities for special school leaders and SEND teachers to collaborate and share knowledge, inspiration and best practice.

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Membership is for twelve months from the day you join and costs £419 + VAT. Or you can save £68 by joining for 24 months for just £770 + VAT. Please indicate your preferred length of membership on the application form.

SSAT consistently keeps our whole school community informed of the latest SEND policy changes and direction of travel. The ability to attend SSAT events and be part of the ongoing discussion around SEND, particularly in these unprecedented times, has been invaluable.

Eddy Wharton, Headteacher, Ganton School

Case study: Creating a formal mentoring process in a special school

Dianne Propsting, Perseid School, describes the rationale, ongoing research, implementation and signs of success of mentoring trainee teachers in SEND

Download case study

What SSAT’s Special Schools and SEND Network membership offers you and your school community in 2021/22:

Drive forward whole-school improvement using member-exclusive resources

SSAT’s approach to principled curriculum design made us think deeply about our curriculum, helping us pave our way to improvement one thoughtful question at a time.

Michael Todd, Deputy Headteacher, Bishop Thomas Grant Catholic Secondary School

Take advantage of unique opportunities to develop staff at different stages in their career, strengthening your retention strategy and succession planning

  • Encourage all staff undertaking their first few years in teaching to participate in the launch of our exciting new SSAT Early Career Teacher Inspirations live, online series with opportunities to participate in further developmental sessions
  • Enhance the range of development opportunities for senior leaders by involving them in member-exclusive webinars and other online activity
  • Encourage senior colleagues to attend the SSAT Annual SEND Conference to network and learn from other schools and experts in the network
  • Attend the SSAT National Conference at discounted member rates to gain renewed inspiration and practical insights to take away and implement at your school
  • Get exclusive access to discounted rates on all SSAT CPD opportunities to support school improvement, including the Leading Outstanding Special Schools programme

SSAT always adopt a principled approach to school leadership.

Mark Wignall, Headteacher, Downlands Community School

Keep up to date with and make sense of changes to policy and practice; explore solutions that can work in your context

  • Ensure all staff receive regular e-newsletters, the fortnightly SEND Update and termly SEND Radar, with news, resources and opinion from SEND interest groups and the latest case studies and research outcomes
  • Access SEND Consultancy – a service that gives you access to up-to-date SEND information and applying the latest national policy updates to the context of your school’s priorities, tailored to your intended outcomes
  • Join monthly webinars facilitated by SSAT experts and guest speakers. These provide updates and guidance on topical educational news, policy and practice and explore school improvement solutions suited to your context

The SSAT Journal is a superb collaborative professional learning publication that offers many benefits. It’s great to see what’s working well in other schools, and system-wide, written by the innovators and implementers themselves.

Andrew Roberts, Headteacher, Riverside School

Give your students and teachers the formal recognition they deserve for the contributions they make to your school community

  • Give your students the formal recognition they deserve with SSAT’s Student and Pupil Leadership Accreditation schemes, offering a way to give structure and recognition to your learners’ leadership activities both in and outside of school
  • Nominate a colleague as an SSAT School Hero each week, where SSAT will send an e-postcard in recognition of a contribution made to the school community
  • Praise a student’s efforts with an SSAT Student Hero of the Term certificate towards the end of each half term
  • Collaborate with other schools in the network and share your school successes nationally by contributing to SSAT events and activities and have your achievements recognised through the SSAT network

SSAT’s accreditation routes for students are powerful tools that encourage students to participate knowing that their activities will be accredited by an external body, instilling a real sense of pride and achievement and inspiring others to take part in the programme.

Esther Holland, Headteacher, Central Foundation Girls’ School

Contribute to discussions on national issues that affect our schools, students and teachers

  • Get ongoing access to SSAT’s Special School Network email forum, webinars, discussion dinners, roundtable discussions, Q&A sessions with policy makers and thought leaders, and publications.
  • Stay connected to the issues that matter as we continue to work with influential organisations, charities and individuals such as Rt Hon David Lammy MP, patron of SSAT’s Deep Social Justice campaign

SSAT’s system knowledge is unrivalled. They have such a breadth of knowledge from all the different schools they have worked with and visited.

Stephen Tierney, Former CEO, Blessed Edward Bamber Multi-Academy Trust

Join the SSAT Special Schools and SEND Network

Membership is for twelve months from the day you join and is £419 + VAT.

Or you can save £68 by joining for 24 months for just £770 + VAT. Please indicate your preferred length of membership on the application form.

If you have any queries or would like to find out about group membership offers, please get in touch with us by email or call our team on 020 7802 0955.

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