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Young World Rising

Young people can help change the world but schools, HE, FE and employers must work together to ensure they are supported effectively. By Sue Williamson.

A New School Year

A new school year and the start of new challenges for millions of young people. For some, it will be their final stage of schooling. For all, there will be some anxious moments, as they will be entering into the
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GCSE Results 2014: Is there a level playing field?

Bill Watkin, Operational Director SSAT, writes… SSAT extends warmest congratulations to all schools, teachers and students for their outstanding work in achieving examination successes this summer. Alongside the rigour agenda on which government changes have concentrated, schools continue to get
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A-level results day

Sue Williamson, Chief Executive SSAT, writes… Today is a very special day for year 13 students and their teachers – A-level results. Modern technology may mean that some students have received their results by text or email, but most will
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