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How Navy SEALs stay calm and relaxed under immense pressure

Keshav Bhatt, Co-Director, Revolution Hive is an SSAT Aspirations Show 2018 speaker. Keshav’s training, experience and track record as a Coach has helped him advance the development of young people around the world. The one-day event on 6 July will give young people the chance to feel they have control over their own futures through exploring their potential future pathways. Student places available from as little as £8+VAT. Find out more and book now.

Follow Revolution Hive on Twitter or access free resources from Louis Howell, Co-Director, Revolution Hive by email

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School improvement stories: Rising above a carping inspection report – part two

11 May 2018

Whatever your views on grammars, today’s announcement is a slap in the face to most schools

11 May 2018


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