Discover the impact of TEEP

The Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme (TEEP) is a whole school framework and training model with learning, collaboration, and evidence of what works at its core.

Trains teachers to develop the characteristics identified in Developing Great Teaching through being a high quality impactful CPD creating deep and sustained learning over a period of time

Over 450 schools and 14,500 teachers have engaged with TEEP through SSAT since September 2010.

The programme is aimed at teachers across all levels of their careers and at all academic levels, with the aim being to inspire every teacher towards delivering a consistent level of high quality teaching.

CUREE’s research [October 2016] provides robust evidence of the success of the programme and demonstrates why schools choose the TEEP programme. Their findings include

• TEEP has a beneficial impact on teacher motivation and morale.
• Staff become more focused on the actual learning taking place in the classroom and value the feeling that there is a much stronger sense of community amongst peers.
• Students are aware of the way the TEEP programme has real benefits for their learning and engagement;

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