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In this series of pamphlets, leading SSAT experts address the key issues in education.

  • SSAT On… Curriculum introduces SSAT’s Four Pillars of Curriculum Design and the seven principles of a good curriculum outlined in Dylan Wiliam’s SSAT pamphlet, Principled Curriculum Design.
  • SSAT On… SEND and employability is designed to encourage discussion about employability and gives many examples of how schools can support SEND learners into the world of work.
  • SSAT On… Future Learning considers the key skills and qualities for student success.
  • SSAT On… Leadership focuses on which business skills are needed by school leaders, and why.
  • SSAT On… the School-led System explores how a truly school-led system can realised, and considers how to ensure all schools meet the needs of a locality and are accountable to that community.

SSAT on SEND and Employability

This pamphlet emphasises learners' potential, employability, and support for SEND students in the workplace. Schools play a vital role in preparing students for fulfilling lives, focusing on personalised learning and aspirations for all.

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SSAT on Curriculum

This pamphlet aims to prompt discussion in schools about curriculum design. It introduces SSAT's Four Pillars of Curriculum Design and Dylan Wiliam's seven principles of a good curriculum.

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SSAT on the School-led System

Education in England is still in a transitional phase of moving to a school-led system. In this pamphlet by SSAT's chief executive Sue Williamson explores three options for the middle tier.

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SSAT on Future Learning

Technology has revolutionised learning, making access to vast information easier than ever. This pamphlet explores how schools should adapt to this shift, focusing on skills and qualities essential for future success,.

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SSAT on Leading

This pamphlet addresses leadership in the school-led system, exploring the role of multi-academy trusts (MATs) and the key features required for effective leadership.

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