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SSAT has always been about enabling schools to network and collaborate. Over 30 years, we have built the biggest and most active network of secondary schools in Britain. But for all the remarkable things that happen in real classrooms across the network every day, the climate for teachers and schools is tough; we know that SSAT membership needs to deliver more than ever.

At SSAT we believe that teachers deserve a stronger, more confident place in the life of our nation, and that this will come from working together. We believe that it shouldn’t be policy or accountability measures or budget cuts that determine our students’ future. Schools power schools.

And so, earlier this year, we resolved to redesign secondary membership to introduce new ways of connecting members and generating deeper, sharper, more accessible insights to stimulate collaboration. Our vision is that our membership community needs to be driving the self-improving system we all talk about – in which schools collaborate with purpose, share their insights, innovations and challenges, celebrate each other’s achievements and build a confident, collective voice for education.

Over the last few months we have talked and listened with members to define this vision and our redesigned secondary membership package. We spoke to some members at our recent Achievement Show. This is what they said:

I’m really excited by these new developments. To my mind SSAT have got this [the new membership offer] spot on. Schools really need to think very seriously in the world we’re now in about how you properly link with others, learn from them, work out what works and what doesn’t work, where to innovate, where to get ideas from.

What SSAT is now offering – and I see it as a real step change – is a fantastic way of enabling that. Even on the really tight budgets that we’re all having to grapple with, this seems like good value for money to me.
Stephen Munday, Chief Executive of the Comberton Academy Trust

All 33 academies in our MAT and 2,000 staff are now members of SSAT because we feel that by working together with SSAT we can build on the idea that collaborating will make us stronger… There’s no point in working in isolation and reinventing the wheel when there’s a school down the road who can help you.

To be able to pick up the phone and speak to someone at SSAT who can broker these relationships is already half the battle. The other side is enabling teachers to get out there and look at great practice in other schools.
James Hasseldine, National Improvement Lead, David Ross Education Trust

For me the key [to SSAT membership] is the opportunity to network. Just because we’re outstanding doesn’t mean we can’t get any better. Creating that network of schools who are really passionate about education is really important.
George Macallan, Principal, Harris Academy, Greenwich

Find out more about the new membership package below. Interested in joining SSAT? Why not speak to our membership team – email them or call 020 7802 2300.


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