SSAT in collaboration with the Geographical Association

GA-resizedSSAT are excited to be collaborating with the Geographical Association (GA) to promote the links between the GA Quality Mark and SSAT Lead Practitioner accreditation. The collaboration encourages teachers to take up one or both of these accreditation pathways, including through the provision of CPD events for teachers.

Find out more about the SSAT Lead Practitioner (SSAT LP) accreditation here.

Find out more about the GA Quality Mark here.

Mapping SSAT LP criteria against GA Quality Mark criteria

Any teacher who has managed a submission for the GA QM would be a highly suitable candidate for the SSAT LP.

To reach SSAT LP-accredited status, you will need to have worked in your school either:

  • beyond your own department (i.e whole-school or with teachers from another department)
  • beyond your organisation – perhaps leading a project with another school

There are a number of additional aspects that may support progress to accreditation:

  1. Could you extend your existing project to further develop your geography knowledge and pedagogy?
  2. Can you access the GA research journals to do the same?
  3. Ask yourself whether or not you have challenged, developed and innovated beyond your own department in order to obtain the GA QM? Is there anything that could support a cross-curricular project or develop numeracy/literacy? Could you advise your colleagues on how to apply geography to a mathematical or scientific context? How could you use visual aids to enhance understanding across departments?
  4. What GA conferences and/or relevant journals could you contribute to?

Mapping SSAT LP accreditation against GA Quality Mark

You may wish to enhance your cross-department and cross-school work by managing the GA Quality Mark in your own school.

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