National Conference preview – a free SecEd supplement

SecEd, in association with SSAT, have published an 8-page preview supplement which investigates the four key themes of this year’s National Conference – Professional Capital, Teaching & Learning, Curriculum Redesign, and Accountability. The supplement also contains views from leading academics and teachers, many of whom will be presenting at the event. There’s a focus on the key challenges that we face, both as an education system and as individual schools, and look at how we can work together to meet the needs of 21st century learners.

The supplement outlines the key debates that will be taking place and the questions that we, as a profession, must answer if we are to take control of the future direction of education. It is a fine publication, down in no small part to the hard work of many staff both here at SSAT, and at SecEd – we hope you enjoy reading it. Download your FREE copy of The New Professionalism: SSAT’s National Conference 2013 Explored below.

Download the free supplement

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