Be part of the future of teaching – become a founding trustee of the College of Teaching

press-releaseClaim your College logoThe College of Teaching, a new independent chartered professional body for the teaching profession, has today (20.05.15) launched its recruitment drive for the appointment of 14 founding trustees at

The College of Teaching proposal put forward by the Claim Your College coalition in February is based on extensive consultation with the teaching profession and backed by more than 400 educational organisations and prominent individuals.

A generous grant from The Mercers’ Charitable Foundation, and other philanthropic donations, have enabled the Coalition to start the process of recruiting the founding board.

A selection committee, with experience in primary, secondary and SEN from across local, independent, government funded and direct funded schools, has been appointed to lead the recruitment of founding trustees.

The committee were nominated to represent the diversity of experience and expertise in the teaching profession by Academy Principals, unions including ASCL, NAHT, NUT, ATL and Voice the Union and wider organisations including the National Governors’ Association, ISC and LGA.

Angela McFarlane, Chief Executive of the College of Teachers, says: ‘There is a wide and growing body of individual and organisational supporters who want to see the foundation of a College of Teaching. The appointment of the selection committee, composed of 15 representatives of the profession who have volunteered significant time, along with the recruitment of founding trustees represent a major milestones in making the College a reality.

‘We encourage all teachers and individuals with the expertise needed to found a chartered professional body to apply for the exciting role of Founding Trustee. Those selected will play a crucial role in delivering the broad vision set out for the College of Teaching and creating a compelling member proposition to ensure sustainability.’

The role, which is a voluntary position, will see successful candidates play a key leadership and governance role in the creation of a new professional body that will have a profound and positive impact on the teaching profession and, ultimately, on the lives of learners. They will be responsible for deciding strategy and building membership, answerable to the members of the College and required to observe best practice in the running of a charity.

The selection committee are seeking to appoint 14 individuals, with a minimum of five teachers and two headteachers, with relevant professional knowledge and experience in one or more of the following fields:

  • Effective teaching and learning
  • Professional development
  • Professional accreditation
  • Research and evidence-based practice
  • The expertise necessary to found and run a competent professional membership organisation, to include legal, HR, financial, project management, communications, professional membership organisations, marketing and fundraising.

The closing date for applications is 12.00 on Tuesday 16 June 2015. All applications must be made online at where further information about the College of Teaching, the role of a trustee and how to apply can be found.

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