Using the SSAT Framework for Exceptional Education for strategic planning

As thoughts now turn to planning for the next school year, you may find SSAT’S Framework for Exceptional Education helpful in identifying development priorities. The framework is a self-review and planning tool, which can be used in its entirety or a strand at a time, depending on whether you want to take a broader view or focus on a particular aspect of your practice. 

If you are just getting started with the framework, here are some of the ways other schools have used it successfully: 

  • Ask members of your leadership team/your middle leaders to complete the self-review process for the whole school individually. How far are your judgements similar or different? Why? 
  • Ask middle leaders to complete the self-review process with their department. Use their feedback to support CPD planning and whole-school self-evaluation.
  • Ask all members of staff to identify where they think the school is in each strand. Use this to explore how consistent views are.
  • Use the framework across your MAT to explore strengths and areas for development across the different schools. Use this to plan cross-MAT learning opportunities.
  • Use the framework with your governors – engage them in the self-review process and structure visits that enable them to review and feedback on practice in a particular strand.
  • Build the framework into your action planning and school development plan.
  • Use the framework to support with evidencing the quality of your practice in a particular area.
  • Ask a member of senior team or a small team of staff to undertake a whole school review focusing on a particular strand. Ask them to find examples of best practice and areas for development. 

If you would like to know more about the framework, more information is here or contact your relationship manager, who will be happy to help. 

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