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SSAT National Conference 2017: Illuminating learning. 

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National Conference 2018: Pure imagination

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Illuminating learning

How do you really know that what’s happening in your school is making a difference? Are your leaders as effective as they can be? Are you confident that your teachers are having the biggest impact possible and how do you develop them further?

The SSAT National Conference 2017 was all about shining a light on what happens in our classrooms. As school leaders, you have more evidence than ever before about what we know makes a real difference to young people’s learning, and about how your students are progressing as individuals. How do you make sense of this evidence and understanding to improve outcomes for all learners?

Over twenty years ago, Dylan Wiliam described the classroom as a black box; with little clarity about what goes on inside. And yet despite the new evidence available, how much has this metaphor actually changed. How do we illuminate the process of learning in every one of our classrooms, across our schools, and across our trusts and collaborations?

The SSAT National Conference 2017 explored how school leaders can be truly evidence-informed in making strategic decisions, how a culture of evidence and research can be embedded across a school or MAT, and the implications of some of the latest research on what we do in schools.

At the heart of the conference is a commitment to being solution focused, by systematically and strategically analysing what will really make a difference for young people. Solution-focused leadership requires both an analytical and creative focus creating radical, empowering solutions.

Main Stage Speakers

Mark Emmerson, CEO of the City of London Academies Trust

Mark Emmerson
Chief Executive Officer, City of London Academies Trust

Mark Emmerson, CEO of the City of London Academies Trust

Brent Frey
Apple Education

Professor Alma Harris, FRSA
Department of Education, and Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy, University of Bath

Matt Hood
Director, Institute for Teaching

Ashok Jansari
Lecturer in Cognitive Neuropsychology, Goldsmiths, University of London

Professor Dr. Paul A Kirschner
Distinguished Professor, Open University Netherlands

Helena Marsh
Executive Principal, Linton Village College

Nickii Messer
School Business Management and Leadership Development expert, All the geese

Graham Moore
Programme / Staff Director,

Katrina Morley
Chief Executive Officer and Executive Headteacher, Tees Valley Education

Diana Osagie
CEO courageous leadership

Dame Alison Peacock
Chief executive, College of Teaching

Louise Robinson
Partner and Account Director, Schools & Trusts, Arcadis

Professor Phil Scraton
Professor, Queen’s University Belfast and author, Hillsborough – The Truth

Amelia Walker
Deputy Director, Surveys and Evaluations, Ofsted

Sue Williamson
Chief Executive, SSAT

National Conference 2018: Pure imagination

5-6 December 2018, Birmingham

If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it. Anything you want to, do it. Wanna change the world? There’s nothing to it…”

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