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The SSAT iNet Global network connects you with school leaders and teachers across the world. Membership gives you access to the best research, helps you collaborate and share knowledge, gives you fresh insights into pedagogy, leadership and school improvement and gives you the chance to learn from strategies and best practice being implemented by system leaders internationally.

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What your membership includes

The Exchange

Your member-exclusive website full of publications and resources to help you turn innovative ideas into proven solutions. Including a new publication every term covering a key issue in education, as well as the termly SSAT Journal.

SSAT Journal

Published three times a year, the Journal celebrates and shares outstanding practice, strategies and innovations in SSAT schools, for the benefit of every school in our network – each new termly edition is available online in the Exchange.

SSAT Framework for Exceptional Education

The SSAT Framework for Exceptional Education is our flagship school improvement framework. Co-developed with SSAT member schools and at the heart of many of our programmes, the framework can be used to evaluate your practice, identify improvements and celebrate your great work.

Regular email updates

Receive the weekly Sunday Supplement secondary email giving you topical comment and ideas from the network, or weekly Primary Matters primary email bringing you news and key information from across the primary landscape. You’ll also get the SEN update, keeping you at the forefront of developments in special education and provision.

SSAT National Conference

Take up your discounted places at our annual two-day conference to hear from expert speakers and innovative school leaders, and network with other educators.

Email forums

Join the email forum of your choice to get group updates on key educational developments, and contribute to the conversation with your peers across the SSAT network.

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Membership is for twelve months from the day you join and is £146 + VAT.

If you have any queries, please get in touch with us by email or call our team on 020 7802 0955.

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