SSAT’s most popular blogs of April 2016


A roundup of our most popular blogs of April 2016

Bridging the transition gap: the focus starts in year 5

Pupils from all 12 feeder schools spend a week getting to know each other and the school. They spend three days camping together, challenging themselves on high ropes, Total Wipeout style assault courses, and climbing. School staff are given time to visit the camp and begin building those key relationships with our future pupils… Read more.

Where pupil premium initiatives are whole-school initiatives

In addition to careers input through PSHE, each pupil at LPA is interviewed individually by a member of the senior leadership team at least four times during years 10 and 11… Read more.

Schools shouldn’t give in to the fear, but should be thinking hard about academisation

As a school governor of one maintained ‘good’ school and one maintained ‘outstanding’ school, I will be encouraging our board and leadership teams to consider… Read more.

The nature of parental engagement

Parental engagement takes many forms, for example: the setting of goals; the displaying of enthusiasm; the encouragement of good study habits; the valuing of enquiry, of experimentation and of learning new things; and the enjoyment of reading… Read more.

Feedback to inform learning at Bethnal Green Academy

There is a clear message that this is a process intended to increase the resilience and independence of students as much as it is a process of meeting an Ofsted requirement… Read more.

Primaries in umbrella trust take responsibility for their own future – part 1

The schools’ governors were at first inclined to prefer the existing pattern of external professional advice – ‘they thought we would be too cosy with each other.’ But after just one meeting, the heads and governors agreed the proposed approach was more challenging than the former SIPs process… Read more.

What kind of parental engagement for what kind of learning?

There is evidence to suggest that an approach to parenting which can be described as ‘tough love’ is most associated with successful outcomes for children… Read more.

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Academisation – young people first

29 April 2016

Promising practices in parental engagement – 3 resources

4 May 2016