WATCH: SSAT Special Schools and SEND network webinar with Dr Penny Barratt

In this webinar, Dr Penny Barratt, CEO, The Bridge London Trust shares her thinking around the curriculum offer as students return to school.

Taking into account the latest guidance issued around the reopening of special schools, she provides insights into the thinking within the Trust as to how to prepare for not only the return of students but also staff. At the heart of all the planning is the recognition that there is a need to re-build relationships. The impact of the pandemic and for some over 3 months out of school will mean that they are likely to return different people.

Penny also answers questions from members of the SSAT Special Schools and SEND network.

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Download survey results

Recorded on Friday, 19 June 2020.

Resources mentioned in the webinar:

Covid-19 Survey Results

Connect with Nature

John Muir Award

Evidence for Learning

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