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SSAT Reform Bulletins: Spring 2014

SSAT has recently published the first in a series of reform bulletins focusing on the topic of collaboration within a self-improving school system. Our first bulletin explores how collaboration can help to drive improvement throughout the school system, beyond just
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Knowing what is important

by Sue Williamson, CEO Since the start of the spring term, I have been fortunate to visit over a dozen schools. All in different parts of the country and with different intakes. However, the schools all have one thing in
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Your country needs you

Sue Williamson, Chief Executive SSAT, writes… The future of the country depends on the quality of the teaching workforce. Research from academics such as Michael Fullan and Andy Hargreaves demonstrates that if you want a high performing education system, a
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The summer-born effect

Chris Smith, Student Impact Coordinator SSAT, writes… The idea that the month in which you are born can determine your characteristics and fate in life is one that humans have hung onto for thousands of years. Indeed, it still exists
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