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Putting students at the centre

Sue Williamson, Chief Executive SSAT, writes… I am very fortunate to visit many schools and to see some of the amazing work that is going on. There are so many outstanding, dedicated teachers, who are providing challenge, rigour and enjoyment
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The impact of research at Bay House

Saturday 5th April saw the first of researchED’s regional conferences, researchED Midlands, take place in Birmingham. A fantastic group of speakers were present, imparting their wisdom to the brave souls who gave up their Saturday to listen and learn. As
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Principled principals and a lack of principals

Dan Belcher, Head of Leadership SSAT, writes… Our schools have many principled principals and headteachers, but we still need more. Our schools need more leaders who will inspire more teachers, and students, to aspire to headship. More headteachers who have
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Reform report

SSAT’s first survey into the impact and effectiveness of academisation, Plan A+, was carried out between December 2011 and February 2012. Since that time, the educational landscape has changed drastically; the pace, scope and scale of change in education over
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