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How to tackle the ongoing languages crisis in schools

In an effort to revive students’ interest in studying languages, Simon Holmes, principal of Melbourn Village College, discusses the unique approaches the school has explored to combat the increasingly low interest rate in this area of study.

Sad that “my generation betrayed the young generation”

Austerity is to blame for students’ inability to succeed, according to SSAT’s CEO, Sue Williamson. Cuts in school funding and resources and lack of communication between staff and students are harming young people at an increasingly alarming rate, highlighting severe issues in social justice as a whole.

From TA to teacher

From TA to teacher: fulfilling a long-held ambition

At times of recruitment difficulties in schools, the path of Tracey Stonell, a teaching assistant-turned-teacher, is an inspiration to others who are considering changing career or progressing from a support role in school to a teaching role.


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