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What drives us to get involved and help schools

The rewarding career of an RM as told by Ejike Agubor, senior relationship manager at SSAT. Ejike reflects on his involvement in developing supporting member schools alongside fellow RMs, and the incredible opportunity to identify something special with every school he works with.

A renaissance in curriculum thinking

This week, SSAT’s latest publication, On Curriculum, explores the highly-anticipated curriculum revival that many schools and MATs are immersing themselves in. Head teachers and senior leaders weigh in on the revamping of curriculum over the past year.

Why Brexit should be taught in schools

Whether it is meant to be a force to be reckoned with as a society or a protest-inducing phenomenon, the complexities of Brexit should be more effectively communicated. Amand Menon, Director of The UK in a Changing Europe, emphasises why schools should be teaching their students about all things Brexit.

HMCI dispels some myths about inspection

Amanda Spielman debunks inspection myths and advocates for professional judgements in the interest of students during her main stage presentation at the SSAT National Conference 2018.

From TA to teacher: fulfilling a long-held ambition

At times of recruitment difficulties in schools, the path of Tracey Stonell, a teaching assistant-turned-teacher, is an inspiration to others who are considering changing career or progressing from a support role in school to a teaching role.

School leaders reflect on pure imagination

A major theme of SSAT’s 2018 National Conference was capital, discussed here by two school leaders: Andrew Morrish of Victoria Academies on social capital; and Caroline Derbyshire of Saffron Academy Trust on cultural capital


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