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GCSE Results 2014: Is there a level playing field?

Bill Watkin, Operational Director SSAT, writes… SSAT extends warmest congratulations to all schools, teachers and students for their outstanding work in achieving examination successes this summer. Alongside the rigour agenda on which government changes have concentrated, schools continue to get
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A-level results day

Sue Williamson, Chief Executive SSAT, writes… Today is a very special day for year 13 students and their teachers – A-level results. Modern technology may mean that some students have received their results by text or email, but most will
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A Leading Edge letter to The Rt Hon Michael Gove MP

Stephen Munday, Executive Headteacher, Comberton Academy Trust writes O/b SSAT Leading Edge Headteachers’ Steering Group… Dear Secretary of State I am writing on behalf of the Leading Edge programme, which represents almost 300 high-performing secondary schools and academies, to express concern at
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School leaders see the value in early entry

Bill Watkin, SSAT Operational Director, writes… The announcement by the Secretary of State on Sunday has reignited the debate about early and multiple exam entry strategies and the accountability framework. Although the consultation about school accountability closed in May, the
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GCSEs 2013: an emerging picture

Please share your insights and perspectives at Bill Watkin, SSAT Operational Director, writes… Unlike last year, when by midday on ‘Exams Wednesday’ dozens of headteachers and principals had come together with an almost identical experience, the picture this week appears
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