The Hidden Child

No child should go through a school day without interaction with teachers about their learning and well-being, but it happens. There are learners that can go days without direct contact from a teacher in school. I was one of these hidden children.

Time to be your own Superhero

Corinne Settle, SSAT Senior Education Lead, writes honestly about her own mental health journey. In the last 20 months I have written honestly about my own mental health journey. I’ve been quiet for a while, because, like for so many
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Finding out what our students know now

Corinne Settle, SSAT Senior Education Lead responsible for teaching and learning and SSAT’s Embedding Formative Assessment Programme considers how catch up funding can be used effectively and shares a guide, a discussion with school leaders and some resources to help teachers and leaders find out what our children know.

Keeping yourself first, the hard bit

As Corinne Settle, Senior Education Lead at SSAT, continues on the journey towards her ‘new normal’, she explains why she refuses to put her superhero pants back on, and how she stops the negative thoughts from filling her head